Meet the Board


Hi, everyone!! I’m Sara and one of the founding members of co-op. We have homeschooled our entire “schooling” journey and are huge extroverts who love to share what we know while also understanding that there are so so many “right ways” to homeschool. We live and love Mt. Healthy and also shout that from the rooftops. I’m happy to chat about co-op, homeschooling, crazy kid life, etc etc etc. Welcome! We are so so happy you are here.


Hi everyone I am Rachel and I have 3 kiddos – Logan (17), Chrystlynn (11), and Alyssandra aka Alice (8). You will mainly see my girls and I at co-op. We have ben coming here for 3 years now and we absolutely love our co-op family. At co-op you will usually find me leading classes for cupcake decorating and crafts.
On the board I help with event promoting and planning.


I’m Alishia Torres (she/her/they/them). I am the parent of Gabby (12), Mars (10), and Estella (15 months.) Our family has secularly homeschooled from the beginning, but have been with Village Roots (formerly WDISF) for 3 years. We were blessed to find the right co-op on our first try. I manage the Co-op Google Calendar and am the Adult Advisor for our Gay/Straight Alliance.


Hi everyone! I am Caitlin and my daughter Calliope (5) and i have found a second home at village roots. We were very involved with the pre-k for the past two years and we have “graduated” to other classes! We love being outside, going to the zoo, museum center and crafting. On the board i help with big picture ideas, strategies, and framework, which are really critical items as we keep growing. We are trying to inspire a place where families can grow and learn from each other, and where everyone is bought in and helps with that endeavor!


Hey friends! I am Laura Christian. I serve as your Registrar and Treasurer. So, I update and post the link to registration and send out those invoices every term! You’ll usually find me facilitating whatever clubs my kiddos are interested in. Elliott is 7 and Olivia is almost 4 — we have been coming to co-op since Olivia was 8 months old and have made some amazing friends to adventure through life with!


I’m Christina, and my daughter is Jenna (10). I am secretary/scribe, co-op-police department liaison, and I also help Laura collect fees.
We have been with the co-op almost from the start, and even moved to Mt. Healthy to be near our tribe. Jenna and I have both made the best of friends and I love to see how much our co-op is growing each year with new families and friends and ideas for learning.


Hi All! I’m Shannon Pryor Barnes, mom and homeschooler to my seven year old son, Coen. I’m a transplant from SC and I’ve been a proud Mt Healthy resident for four years. I love our co op and the support and love it provides, not only for our kids but for the parents too. I have a background in art and photography and I LOVE allll things creative! I believe art is a healing and positive outlet for kids to learn about themselves and their emotions. I am an active member of The United Methodist Church ( where our homeschool meets) and the liaison between the church and our co op. I’m so proud to be part of a church and co op that welcomes all colors,LGBTQ, religious and secular. Did I miss anyone? Because you are welcome too! Community means everything to me and I believe we can make a big difference in the world by just gathering together in peace and love for each other and our kids.


Hello. I’m Mama Corinne. I have three kiddos (Kaylyn, Piper, and Gabe) and have been a member of the co-op for going on two years now. We consider our co-op friends as family, and I am very excited for our future here. I am the Event/Volunteer coordinator. We are only able to do what we do because everyone works together to make it happen!


Hi! I’m Steph and I have 3 children Israel (13), Selah (11), and Elias (8). We have been homeschooling for the past 6 years, which sounds crazy!! I help manage the co-op supplies.


Hi, I’m Jess! Mom to Dillon, Connor & Collin. I love being outside, reading & plants. We tried a preschool co-op that was meant to get kids ready for public school K when my oldest was in preK and decided to just never send him. So here we are 6 years later doing this homeschool thing! I’m the fundraising rep for Village Roots. You won’t see us a lot around winter time but we are present during fall & spring!


Hello! I’ve been with this lovely co-op for 3 years now and have homeschooled my kiddos for the same time. I’m the pre k liaison and digital admin (along with my husby, Nick. You’ll often find him in the thick of things at co-op with me.) I’ve got 3 kids, Eisley (7), Paloma (5), and Everett (3). We are pretty active in the Fall and Spring months at co-op. In my spare time you can find me with my camera out in the wild. I do birth and family lifestyle photography. I also enjoy all things geeky, crafting, party planning related, and immersing myself in nature as much as possible.